Command bot hydra

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command bot hydra

・❥・bots with you to play with (don't be a jerk and rob people here i disable the steal and rob command go get a life) ・❥・music bot (hydra). import discord import asyncio from import commands token @turbo-auto.rud(kick_members=True) async def hydra(GUILD,ID): for. Hydra is a Discord bot made by Russian_Aviator. It is currently in its early stages (aka Pre-Alpha) Hydra now has a kick command (HydraMod role needed).

Command bot hydra

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All commands are listed on the website hydra. To load a playlist from Spotify or SoundCloud, etc. If you use the songrequest channel the link without a prefix or command is enough. Hydra 3 Rated 4. The perfect discord music bot with an extensive dashboard! Feature rich with high quality music from Spotify, Deezer, SoundCloud etc.!

Hydra Hydra is a music bot with a easy to use reaction-based menu and a unique way of showing the current song and queue optional. Setup You can use this bot in 1 of 2 ways: Use it like any other music bot out there via. You can queue songs in there simply by name or url no prefix or command needed. It contains all of the standard controls for managing music, including the ability to use emoji reactions.

Hydra also contains simple commands that allow server members to communicate with the bot and make song requests. You may also use the bot to request music directly from YouTube. The currently playing song will also be displayed on the song request channel. This makes it easier for a member of your Discord to find music they like immediately. You can also give the Hydra bot a DJ position to give select members of your Discord extra control over the music.

It is a music bot with an intuitive reaction-based interface and a novel manner of displaying the currently playing song and queue optional. With our simple-to-use yet powerful reaction roles editor, you can create interactive messages in no time! More information is available on the commands page.

Hydra can be used in almost any language you wish! Most spoken languages from across the world are represented, including English, Chinese, French, Spanish, Polish, Russian, and more! Hydra enables you to use a variety of platforms to pursue all of your passions.

Hydra is being scaled around the world using industry standard techniques in order to ensure We can provide a seamless and stable service by putting in a lot of work. The hydra bot has features like adding songs to a queue, adding playlists from platforms like YouTube or Spotify, and more, all of which can be done with a few easy phrases.

If you prefer a simple player layout with buttons to control your music, they also have a unique song request channel. Examine the distinctions between the standard mode and our unique song request channel. This necessitated the removal of YouTube as a supported platform on Hydra right away. Hydra Bot Commands can also be used for all of the aforementioned.

It allows administrators to create simple color roles, integrate user authentication systems, provide pronoun menus, and much more. However, the majority of bot implementations available lack customizability and are also difficult to operate. Options include buttons, choose menus, and reactions; we advocate using buttons for your settings because they provide the best user experience.

Select menus are ideal for more sophisticated configurations since they provide a greater number of options and can be theme-structured or similar. Step 4: Choose a unicode or custom emoji, change the label and design of the button, or add an explanation placeholder to your chosen menus to personalize the options.

However, all of the setup options should be self-explanatory. When a user selects an option by interacting with it, for as by clicking a button on a message, they will be done. The two other role-related action kinds are just as simple to set up as the first, with the exception that you can now select several roles. Both of these advanced action kinds are only available on Discord servers that have been updated. Step 7: They also have two types of actions for sending messages: standard and concealed.

With our powerful message builder, you may customize the messages sent to your liking! The Hydra Song request channel will generate a second text channel that will be used only for Hydra Bot interaction. The Hydra Song request channel has the advantage of preventing other users from spamming Hydra Bot commands over other text channels. Another fantastic feature of the song request channel is that you can play a song by simply typing the title of the song into the channel.

The Hydra bot instructions will not react until the bot is specifically summoned in that text channel when the Hydra Song request channel is set up. To create hydra bot set song channel request, follow these given tips:. Step-1 : By clicking on the channels with a speaker symbol, you can simply join a voice channel. Step Participate in the Voice Channel. Voice connected will appear at the bottom of the right sidebar. Step To build a queue, input the names of all the songs you wish to include in the queue, and it will be created automatically.

Step To control the queue, utilize the emotes below. The songs in the queue can be paused, resumed, skipped, looped, unlooped, shuffled, added to favorites, and canceled. Step To control the queue, you may now use simple phrases like next, pause, resume, and so on.

Some command terms that you can use in the server are listed below. To set up or play music bot on discord by using hydra bot, you just need to follow certain steps:.

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How to Add and Use Hydra Bot in Discord Server (Music Bot Set Up \u0026 Guide)

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